Party or not ...

Today's DJ's birthday and also the day we decided to become a couple 41 years ago, so yes, it is a party in our house. But it is also a sad, sad day because today's the day the remaining EU countries'  governments have agreed to back the irrational Brexit deal (I do understand it's the best the EU can do, but who in their right minds would want to leave the EU and still be bound to most of the EU's rules and laws but not have any influence?) Why oh why is this whole thing going through no matter how bad it is ... I'm very sad for the UK and sad for the EU. I saw a Blip post earlier today by CakeMartyr about all the Polish pilots in WWII. There were many other Europeans too. My Dutch maternal grandfather was a merchant navy pilot and as he was at sea when The Netherlands were occupied he went to the UK and served as a pilot for sea convoys in WWII. So many people in the occupied countries either fled to the UK to help or helped as the Resistance in their own countries. That their descendants are now depicted by Brexiteers as queue jumpers and job snatchers in the UK is so very, very sad. I'm still hoping that somehow Brexit won't happen, but it does seem an idle hope.

It's so important to work together, to try to deal with the enormous problems we are all facing in this world, like climate change with its environmental disasters, and famine, poverty and overpopulation. Separatism and protectionism have never worked well. Only two weeks ago we commemorated the century of the end of WWI but why did we not learn from it that we should always work together?

Togetherness was the optional theme for last Thursday's Abstract Thursday challenge, thanks so much for all the entries, even when the theme was most definitely not an easy one. I wonder of this coming week's theme will be easier, I suggest making an abstract still life, so 'still life' will be the optional theme. The tag will be AT179

Here's the list of last Thursday's specials:
LesleyAlsford   for a cute and colourful bear collage
Hanulli               for a very original use of sewing pins all together
pipersmom       for an abstract edit of their Thanksgiving meal
Tigger101         for a cute motion blur of two figures in a hug
Incredibish        for a rainbow tunnel image of Christmas balls

Thanks again, I'm so looking forward to your Thursday creations !

And thank you very much for your kind comments and stars for yesterday's apple still life. By the way, the apple pie was made of Granny (Smith) and the Elstars , as the Royal Galas are too sweet for a tart Dutch apple pie ;-)

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