Had BB not woken me up, I would probably have slept longer.  However he did wake me up, so I read my book for a while then took a wander down to see his rugby match.  Thankfully the rain went off and it brightened up – though not for long.  He scored a great try and enjoyed the match.  We parents were just wondering who the muddiest would be!!  After the post-match hospitality, out next stop was the Scout Christmas Fair.  BB had done a quick change in the back of the car – Scout uniform on over the mud – and he went along to help selling raffle tickets.  TT and I wandered around, bought a few books and a jigsaw and then had a look outside at the farmers’ market and then at a makers’ market in a nearby hall.  A friend had a stall there, so we bought some of her produce, before heading back to the Scout fair just in time for the raffle being drawn.  I was lucky enough to win a hamper, which was very much a man’s hamper – TT was delighted!  We headed home and left BB to help with the clearing away.

He was weary when he eventually got home, and once he had showered and was mud-free he settled on the sofa and watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  Had I not needed some provisions, I would have joined him.  Later, I was flicking through the channels and found another Charlie and the Chocolate Factory movie on another channel. He didn’t want to watch it.

We had a quiet evening.  I did a bit of Christmas crafting along with a bit of Strictly and a bit of Michael Macintyre.

Another emergency blip - here’s a drookit hebe on a dreich day.

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