And Then Came the Ice

It's been a strange November. First, the fall colors arrived late. Then, we got a big snowstorm, and fall and winter collided. On Thanksgiving, the temperatures dropped down into the teens. And on Saturday, we had a major ice storm that lasted for hours and hours, and included a wintry mix of all the usual suspects: snow, ice, sleet, and freezing rain.

The original forecast said that the ice would end by sometime early Saturday afternoon, and then begin to melt. But the temperatures did not rise, and the ice we got stayed well into the next day. I went out with my camera Sunday morning to capture some ice shots before it all fell. Here is a photo of ice on one of our redbud trees in the yard.

The actual soundtrack to my photographic jaunt was the tinkle of falling ice. But let's let the song to go with this image be this one by Kate Bush: Under Ice.

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