There Must Be Magic

By GirlWithACamera

In Which T. Tiger Takes a Delivery!

My husband and I made a few necessary purchases during the Black Friday sales. Our clothes dryer, which began making an alarming noise more than a year ago, finally gave up the ghost about a month ago.

We had talked about ordering a replacement, maybe a smaller dryer this time; something we could simply sit on top of the old, defunct dryer. We found just what we were looking for on Black Friday sales: a little Magic Chef compact dryer, about 2.6 cubic feet in size.

We ordered the dryer on Friday morning from Walmart online, at the steeply discounted price of $159 plus tax; two-day shipping was included for free. The dryer arrived, shockingly enough, just a bit more than 24 hours later, in the midst of an ice storm!

Tiny Tiger took delivery of the little dryer and checked it out carefully*, as you can see in the picture above. The dryer seemed to be in perfect condition. Even better, it came with a nice sized box for Dexter (see photo in the extras). Hooray! A little something for everyone!

The song to accompany these pictures is Def Leppard, with High 'N' Dry.

*Please note: do not allow children or pets to wander inside washers or dryers, kthx. Safety first, says Tiny Tiger!

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