Feeling Slightly Sheepish

It was a gloriously lovely, mild, and sunny late-November day, and we decided to spend it mostly outdoors. For the latter part of the morning, we went to the far end of the gamelands, the same place as last week. Then we came home, changed cars, and took my new car out for a spin, picking up a pair of hoagies and several bags of potato chips at Lykens Market in Port Matilda, and ending up at a little wetland along Bald Eagle Creek.

There is a farmer's field right next to the parking lot and the railroad tracks. Sometimes I have seen pigs in that field, but on this day, there were about a half-dozen sheep! Of course, I had to hop out of the car and go see them, and take pictures. I was rewarded with a couple of loud Baas from this fellow, who seemed friendly enough. :-) I've featured sheep in several blips, but not often, and not lately. So here is your sheep blip for the day. :-) Baa-ha-ha!

The soundtrack is Jefferson Airplane, with Good Shepherd.

Further sheep blips, for the sheep lovers . . .   :-)
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That's what friends are for! (my personal favorite, featuring the rescue of the white lamb, including a laying on of lamb lips)

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