Day in Valencian province!

We have spent the whole day seeing sights and hiking. I can feel it in my face. What a day we had!

First stop was Bocairent (upper row). Village / town that was built in medieval times next to a ravine. What a sight it was! We thought that we'd start our hike from there, but the tourist info was closed on Mondays (surprise) and since after hours online trying to find a starting point did not give us what we needed, we did 3 stops with car and got to see all the things we were planning to see.

Next stop was El Pou Clar. A river area that has many natural pools that are used for bathing during summer. The water was so clear we could see the fish swim and what kind of bottom it has. What a beautiful place. It must be popular during the summer. But during summer months pets aren't allowed into the area, so....

The final stop was a hike to the top of the Castellar. The route went along an old river that had 5 or 6 mills' ruins there. When we got to the top we could see Ermita of Bocairent from there. The initial plan was to hike Bocairent - El Pou Clar - Bocairent, but this was a good way too. We got to see so many beautiful places and spent the day with dogs outside.

We're all pretty content at this moment. I'm have a glass of wine, but we still have a quick doggy walk to do. For that we have to wake up the snoring group :-)

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