I took a long walk in the desert and saw a lot of individual ant hills.  It was only after stopping to talk to a woman and taking a slightly different trail back with her that we saw this amazing colony of the diligent and powerful little guys.  There are seven species of Sonoran Desert ants.  Six of them often work together to build massive colonies.  I suspect this might be an example. Golly, I learn something new every day.  It was the lady I was with who mentioned the idea of a moonscape.

I signed the papers for mom's house this morning.  It will be officially closed (and the check available) after noon tomorrow.  I didn't get out for my walk until later in the day because I spent most of it straightening out stuff for both of us: lost debit card, rescheduling of appointments, figuring out my messed up prescriptions (which never happened until my insurance made me switch to CVS), calling B&H Photo to track down a return, making a list and checking it twice and on and on and on.

When I finally did get home, I was hanging a new wall clock in the master bathroom and banged my head on...the wall.  I swear a day isn't complete until I have smashed my head into something. 

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