Tiny Tuesday: Fuschia with Bokeh

I decided to copy John Gravett's technique for getting pretty bokeh, and I've managed to get (from eBay) exactly the same model of  lens as he used for his 9th November blip (along with an Olympus adapter from Amazon). I had to pay rather more than he did, but I think it was worth it - and anyway it came from a British Heart Foundation charity shop so I didn't mind. Like John, I've reversed the front element - very easy to do. (John kindly let me have a go with his lens when I was on the blippers' workshop earlier this month, so I knew what I was letting myself in for!)

I popped out into the garden while the sun was out and grabbed this shot of the fuschia. I think I'm going to have fun with this lens - this isn't the last you'll see of it! (This photo is straight out of camera, apart from a bit of tweaking of contrast, clarity and brightness and a gentle vignette.)

I hope this is small enough to qualify for Tiny Tuesday - thanks again to JDO for hosting TT this month.

(Oh, and if you liked my hedgehog photo yesterday, I've now processed a few more which are on Google Photos here.)

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