Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

It's not always black and white...

Although today it is kind of black and white, with a hint of sepia.  Still nursing a sore throat and sniffles and still not sure if it's a cold or sinuses.  But, at least I hauled myself outside for a while today which was nice.  I took a couple of fun Cardinal shots (and I'll put one in Extra) but it was this female Downy Woodpecker that I liked the best.  Gave her a quick run through Silver Efex and ... voila!

Had a Titmouse scare today.  I had just come inside when I heard that horrible "thunk" on the window.  I ran outside and found a Titmouse laying on the deck, beak open, clearly in distress.  In a flash, I was inside, getting a "rescue box" set up and lined with paper towels.  Then, back outside where I gently placed him in the box and put it (covered) in the garage for 20 minutes.  With heart in throat, I took the box outside and opened the lid... to see a little mound of soft gray feathers.  Fearing the worst, I opened the box a little more ... and whoosh!  Out he flew, up into the cherry tree where one of his buddies was chattering.  And off they went, with a big story to tell.  And back inside I went, with a heart that felt very full.

I make it a point to find something to feel grateful about every day.  Some days I work a little harder, and others (like today) it's easy.  


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