By hazelh

A bike ride and a train journey

The sun was out this morning so Mr hazelh and I piled on the layers, jumped on our bikes, and cycled to South Queensferry. There we had a cup of tea with D and L. They have just moved to Scotland - to escape Brexiteers in deepest Derbyshire. My blip is of the view from their sitting room window.

The plan this afternoon was to continue work on my journal article. However, not long after lunch I received a panic phone call from my mother. In short, there is very little time left for my father so my mother wanted her three daughters home.

The not-so-little sister reached the parental abode first at about 5:30pm, and Mr hazelh and I arrived by train at 8:10pm. The middle sister is currently staying at the house on Holy Island, so at least she is nearby. However, due to the tides she can't leave the island tonight until safe crossing time at 9pm.  She'll be here around 10:30pm.

The good news of the day is that I have been awarded funding for the grant proposal that I submitted at the start of the month :-)

Exercise today: 22 mile bike ride.

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