Arkensiel Photography

By arkensielphoto

Christmas Cactus Flowers

It rained when we left Cambridge yesterday afternoon and continued to rain all night and for most of today. It is dull, wet and cold, so today’s picture is of my Christmas cactus which is now doing very well this year.
Our new broadband hub arrived by post on Monday and it was supposed to be fitted today between 0800 and 1300 hours. A BT vehicle has been past our house four times, but failed to stop here and it is now 1600 hours.
The Premier Kitchen fitter who was to connect the gas hob was due to arrive this afternoon and to my surprise he actually visited and connected everything. It only took them three weeks to connect the gas hob! Now all we need are two new doors to replace the two, which were the wrong size. They said they would be changed in two weeks; three weeks later and they have still not been fitted. I will have to start chasing them again.

I was expecting a delivery from Naked Wines, but that has not arrived. At least the parcel to be returned to Amazon was collected.

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