Electric Scooter by Lime

Quietly riding to work this morning and in K Road I saw one of the (now widespread in the central city) electric scooters available for hire. Like the bicycles which are also in Auckland. Some of the users are using them as if they are dodgems, and I fear that there will be someone hurt before long. Most users, however, are sensible. 

As this was a solitary scooter, parked in an atypical place, I think this was left her overnight, and was awaiting collection by the people who have been contracted to find them, take them home and recharge the battery, and then place them in the "proper" places. It wasn't there when I rode home this early evening.

The Lime scooter was left between a painted utility box, which I have not previously included in a blip, and a wee sculpture which I have blipped in the past. 

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