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Abstract Thursday (Thursday 29th November 2018)

The LED screen on my Nikon P900 that I discovered in the above condition last Sunday failed to recover and so has been photographed for Abstract Thursday.
It set in motion a series of complications. I wanted to get my 5.1 sound system up and running for launch on Gardening Wednesday because my brother The Spotlight Kid was due to visit, and there were plans to go for lunch together with Refna, if she was here gardening.
However the universal player for the system that had just had its power supply expensively replaced turned out to have developed two more mysterious faults, and when I took it in to be looked at on Monday in Poulshot nothing could be done.
I ordered a replacement Blu-ray player online which actually arrived on time but turned out not to have one of the features listed on the product page that I needed (SACD, since you ask) and after half an hour of online chat with the suppliers had to be sent back for a full refund. Another model was ordered from a different supplier, after a close inspection of a PDF of its manual, and should arrive next week.
Meanwhile an 'extremely urgent' FedEx parcel for an address in a different postcode was left in front of my porch door. This was reported to FedEx who them failed to come and collect it. I eventually worked out where it had to go and delivered it myself.
By Wednesday, the weather forecast had been so bad the Spotlight Kid's visit had to be postponed for the next day, which turned out to be far windier and still with quite a lot more rain than forecast.
However, the day went ahead and luckily Refna was still able to join us for an enjoyable and first class Nepalese lunch in Ghurka Baynjan's restaurant at the Black Dog Inn just up the road in Studley.
The Spotlight Kid and I then went on for a walk along the Wilts and Berks Canal from Templars Firs at Wootton Bassett. This was good, but as rain prevented any picture taking and meant that resident water voles, herons and swans all stayed sensibly sheltered, for Blip I return to plan B with my Abstract Thursday still-life offering, with thanks to Ingeborg for hosting.

30.11.2018 (1702 hr)

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Taken with Panasonic/Leica DMC-LX100 M4/3 compact

Lozarhythm Of The Day:
Neil Young - All Along the Watchtower (Live at Madison Square Garden, New York NY) (recorded live, The Bob Dylan 30th Anniversary Concert Celebration, 16 October 1992)
Neil Young with a house band including Booker T and most of the MG's performing Bob Dylan's re-arrangement of Jimi Hendrix's re-arranged version of Bob Dylan's song from John Wesley Harding.
Lunchtime discussion included Bob Dylan and Neil Young's anticipated concert in Hyde Park in 2019.

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