OTT festivity

Today has been a bit full on. 

Over to my folks. they had already eaten an early lunch when I arrived. Once I'd washed up, it was into the car and back to Lincoln to collect my Dad's new hearing aids.

all the time he was complaining that he was sure they would be rubbish as he'd had that brand before and they had never worked, he'd ended up getting his money back and reverting to his previous NHS hearing aids. He reckoned they were on good commission on the crap ones and flogged them regardless of how rubbish they were. He almost talked himself out of going to get them!

But we went. I waited in the car for ages with my Mum (Usual Simon's cat/repetitive conversation) far so good with the hearing aids! If he's not happy with them after the weekend I will phone straight up to get them changed or replaced!

I'd arranged for Bri to collect me from Morrison's again - pointless me going all the way back to theirs for him to have to drive over to get me a few minutes later. My dad said he wanted to go round Morrison's for shopping first though, so off we went - it was worse than when we went round Lidl on Thursday! Very busy, lots of people driving mobility scooters like they were at Silverstone and my Mum kept wandering off!

Once Bri picked me up we went off to Tesco to buy pizzas for taking to Jeri's tomorrow. Morrison's do lovely pizzas but the particular one Jeri wanted was only from Tesco! I was still Blipless, but this car in Tesco's car park caught my eye - you could hardly miss it really!

We are home now, and there's cider chilling nicely in the fridge! I am ready for it after this week!

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