Beard baubles - baubles for beards - whatever next?  Saw these in the Flying Tiger shop in Eldon Square, Newcastle.  And no - I didn't buy a pack.  This is my entry for Silly Saturday hosted by admirer

I was in Newcastle to go to the match.  Final score ...... Newcastle 0 West Ham 3. The players tried hard but they just weren't good enough.

Forgot to mention yesterday that I had phoned the docs for the results of my blood tests and the chest X Ray.  Both were fine.  Well that's a relief.  Yesterday I did feel a lot better and today I have been Ok - ish.  Chest isn't so " chesty " and nose isn't so " runny".  New symptom today though - sore right hip.  Very sore right hip.  Probably arthritis.  Flared up due to damp weather I would imagine.

Steps today - 7,795. 

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