Clutching at straws today.

I was blipless - not a thought in my head.  I went upstairs to wash my hair and reached for the shampoo which was lying on its side in the shower cubicle.  Picked it up to find that it must have been leaking and an imprint had been left.  So Ive blipped it.  Emergency blip for sure.  The shampoo is bright purple - its Ultra Violet Shampoo with violet pigments for blonde hair.

I didn't sleep well last night and got up late.  Don't feel as good as I did yesterday. So I've had a quiet day indoors.  Did a load of washing - and that's about it.  Should have done ironing but yet again I couldn't be bothered. 

Oh I did order a new small freezer online from John Lewis.  Its coming on Friday.  Plenty time to use up the few things in the old one and get it defrosted. ( I have paid an extra £20 for them to take the old freezer away. )

Steps today - 2,902

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