Quiet morning just pottering around at home.  Started the ironing at 12.30pm and listened to Radio Newcastle at the same time. Newcastle were playing away at Chelsea.  Newcastle scored first.  I was hopeful.  But..... the final score was Chelsea 3 Newcastle 1.  Not surprising really as Chelsea have some talented players who are more skilled than most of the Newcastle team. We were outclassed for sure.

After putting the ironing away I walked down to the village for a bit of shopping.  It was milder today and all the snow has gone.

I looked in the charity shops in the village and saw this notice in one of them. I know the shop ladies have probably spent a lot of time and effort getting their " Christmas Window " ready and they don't want the display ruined if any of the items are removed ... but surely the whole idea is to sell the stuff.  I'm sure there will be a lot of customers interested in the items in the window and want to buy them NOW. They may not want to wait until  22nd December.  So I think the notice is silly.  And its my entry for Silly Saturday hosted by admirer.  But whats your take on it ?  Do you agree with me ......  or do you think its a sensible idea to hold off selling the window display until later in the month.?

When I got home from the village I had another attempt at building a " cat tree " which arrived a few days ago.  My third attempt.   I have been tearing my hair out with it.  The instructions are hard to follow. ( just a diagram with no words )  The holes don't seem to line up properly.  Its quite tall and heavy so its hard to " control " while I'm building it. I have laid it sideways on the sofa as that seems the only way to manage it until it has the base fitted. The base is the last bit as you build it from the top down. Anyway I've given up again.  I will have another go ..... sometime.

Steps today - 9,349

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