The Mono Monday theme today is Deuce.  Meaning - the face of a dice that bears two spots or a playing card bearing an index number two.  So here is my effort.  The playing cards are a Boston Red Sox souvenir sent to me last Christmas by my blip friend who lives near Boston.  Great to get the opportunity to blip them. Thanks to JohnEdward for hosting - and coming up with this unusual theme. 

When I was sorting out my blip shot I was remembering the time when Neil worked as a croupier in a casino in Newcastle. He really enjoyed his job.  He used to see a few of the Newcastle United team in there.  The casino was in Chinatown and it was very popular with the Chinese community who are  keen gamblers. The only problem with the job was that Neil had to work a lot of shifts in the evening and through the night and his social life suffered.  So he decided to quit. 

Today it was back to the usual Monday for me.  I went to Fitness Class this afternoon.  19 there this week - the largest class so far. I am still feeling a bit off colour and my hip was  sore again today but I was pleased to get through the class without any trouble.  Then this evening I went to Slimming Club. Its a fortnight since I was last there.  Lost 2½ pounds.   Only one pound to go and then I will be back in my target range.  The holiday weight is taking a while to shift but at least its coming off - slowly.

The weather today has been really sunny and bright - but cold. This evening its only 3 degrees,

Steps today - 13,244 

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