There Must Be Magic

By GirlWithACamera

The Package Inspectors

After an embarrassing mishap earlier this week, in which a package was lost, my husband and I decided to place Tiny Tiger in charge of shipping and receiving. He's a pro, and we hope that under his competent leadership, we will suffer no more such incidents.

So when TWO packages arrived on Friday, Tiny Tiger was right there in the midst of things. This was the state of affairs on Saturday morning. In this scene, you may see Tiny Tiger sitting inside the smaller box. Yes, a box can serve as a tiger trap. He's a cat, after all, albeit a very tiny one!

And there is the second, larger box behind him, which I opened on this day: so exciting, a birthday box! (My birthday is Sunday.) A dear old friend sent me a box containing several gifts - a cat-a-day calendar, and a number of boxes of lovely earrings. Thank you, my friend!

So as Tiny Tiger supervised the opening of the box, Dexter checked out the bow on top of the pretty package. Well, he did more than that. He tried to EAT the bow, which is his usual protocol. Now, Dexter, spit that OUT! Inspectors do not EAT the package wrapping or contents!

Aren't I lucky to have such wonderful package inspectors? I think so. :-) For my soundtrack, I wanted a tune with the word inspector in it, but all I could come up with was the Inspector Gadget theme song. Here is a strange, beatboxing flute version of that song. You're welcome!

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