By amandoAlentejo

First Advent Sunday

Thought I'd show you the Nativity scene, with the stable Mike made, now that it's been arranged (beautifully, by Hugo) with fairy lights and logs and moss and branches of holm oak. This was taken at midday, just as the Eucharist was about to start. Like the way the sun is shining on Mary, Joseph and an older Jesus on the right.

Also thought I'd quote each day from the Advent book we're using during the lead up to Christmas. Today was about keeping alive the hope we have of Jesus coming again and of our world getting better, from Luke 21:34:

But be on your guard. 
Don’t let the sharp edge of your expectation 
get dulled by parties and drinking and shopping.

Extra is probably my last photo of Lula. We have rather sadly given him away to Tito, who has a large farm in the next town, where we hope he'll be happier. We were having to keep him chained up because he kept escaping and chasing sheep. Can't bear a dog kept tied up.

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