Pictorial blethers

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Advent bishop

Kevin, Bishop of the diocese of Argyll and The Isles, delivers his sermon in Holy Trinity Dunoon on the first Sunday in Advent. He talked about the importance of preaching for both preacher and listeners, and the recurring image throughout his sermon was the same as it was 8 years ago when I heard him preach in Edinburgh the day after my youngest grandchild was born: "And they pitched their tents facing the rising sun." He uses this theme every Advent 1; it's the third such sermon I've heard. 

Today's theme contained the idea that the rising sun was there, even though we couldn't see it - as we certainly couldn't this morning: a day of mist and fine rain gave much scope for the imagination when it came to sunrises and sunlight. And that is why this is the photo I've chosen for my blip; it was so dark by the time I got out this afternoon that all the photos I took are of black silhouettes in a grey mist. 

Besides, I hardly ever put people in my blips, and Kevin our Bishop is a striking subject ...

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