"Sisters ....

.... Are Doin' It For Themselves"

Once I'd delivered my package to Ripe I made my way to Seaford via beautiful Alfriston and the High and Over. Huge dump trucks are carting the pebbles from one part of the beach to another to prevent the town from flooding. I didn't expect to see a woman driving one of them. Yay for the sisterhood - the Seven Sisters in the background. :)

I walked along some disused railway tracks towards Newhaven and discovered the remains of the village of Tide Mills. Two women told me about the huge old mill that used to be operated by the power of the tides. So many people worked there that a village grew up around it. The last residents were forcibly removed in 1939. The sadness about the village and the excitement of watching the kite and windsurfers in the blustery, sunlit conditions made me feel quite tearful.

I've added a windsurfer and what I think is a rock pipit to extras. I'll catch up with comments in due course.  

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