By AH14


It only seems 5 minutes since my 4 year blipday at the end of October but lots has happened since then - both good and bad! 

I've readjusted to normal life after my amazing trip to Uganda to a very remote and deprived area (most entries still waiting to be posted on Blip), I've been to been to Salisbury and Yorkshire, as well as beautiful areas around where I live, where I've seen (and blipped) my first otter in the wild. And there have been those huge life events -  you've shared in my tremendous sadness and heartache about my brother and celebrated with me on the wonderful birth of my granddaughter - thank you all so much for your support and kindness!

This morning's sunrise was wonderful - full of mist and subtle colours that gave way to beautiful golden light sending fingers of light through the trees! This was one of the first images I took - it shows what the colours actually looked like, with gentle blues and pinks. I don't think the weather over the next couple of days is forecast to be particularly great, so I admit to posting a couple of backblips so that I could offer you a decent image for today.

Oh - and I've just remembered! I have another cause for mini celebration - my 'risky' image in the camera club competition last night was awarded 'image of the night' out of 84 entries - I admit to being quite chuffed :))

Today's blip for my b&w journal

Cheating a little in tagging this for Tiny Tuesday but I thought I might get away with it, as the photographer on the other side of the river looks pretty tiny! :))

So 1500 blips without a break, except for the Uganda blips-in-waiting - every entry always taken on the day against which it is posted. As you know, to blip has simply become part of life. And it will continue to be so :)

Sorry I don't call in on your journals as much as I used to - my life gets so very full and I know yours do, too!

Huge thanks for everything - yesterday, today and every day!

Ann :))

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