Feel the Dreich (widwed051218)

A dreary grey start to the day,  and it looks to be going downhill, dreich pretty well sums it up!

Chesterton Windmill - my default blip for Wide Angle Wednesdays.
Possibly better large on black.

I had it to myself for most of the time,  two dog walkers made trips up from their cars and then retreated as quickly as possible. I faffed about with an ND grad to make what I could of the contrast in the sky, and then used the first couple taken without the filter, merged in Lightroom HDR to lift the mill a little.

I did set off for a couple of other possibilities, but by the time I had changed out of my wellies, the rain had started and they were lost in the murk.

On a more positive note,  I went to Ladbroke photography club last night.  Ladbroke is not far away and we do sometimes share ideas.  The speaker was George Blake, a local who works in conservation and uses a bridge camera to photograph what he sees while out working. Very interesting to see how someone approaches things when photography is not their first consideration, and it definitely highlighted how an understanding of the subject is so important in wildlife photography.

And ... I sold a photo on Adobe Stock!  This one, blipped a couple of years ago.   Don't get excited,  I only made 53p and I had to fill in a US tax form to ensure uncle Sam does not get to keep my ill gotten gains. Perhaps I'll be DT's next target :-)

Thanks to BobsBlips for hosting Wide Wednesday on the theme of feeling the cold.

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