Our first Christmas Present

Christmas lunch at Wortley Hall with friends from Bradford yesterday and they brought with them our first Christmas reindeer.  Wortley Hall was packed with various different groups when we arrived but then they departed leaving us in the bar, which we had very much to ourselves.  Just a bit cold sat near the window, so we needed to move half way through.  It was good to catch up again and as J is going through a similar situation to the one Ann went through a few years ago I think it gave her chance to talk a few things through.

I’m not sure I’ll get as far as taking another image today as it’s dark and very wet and very miserable but you never know.  It’s feedback on a camera club competition tonight so there might be an opportunity.  I doubt I’ll be able to cap my record in the inter-club competition a fortnight ago in which I had three images that scored twenty (20/20) and as one of the images is one I’ve entered in this competition it will be interesting to see how it goes down with this judge.

For my record - M came to sort out the central heating radiator in the kitchen, which wasn’t working and Ann had her feet `dremelled’.  Oh, the wonders of modern chiropody! 

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