The accidental finding

By woodpeckers

In with the new

Where Cheltenham's Beechwood Arcade (mall) once stood, John Lewis department store has built a brand new glass box. Considering how long the process has taken, and that Many small.sops had to close, the result is underwhelming.

Dave and I met for our Christmas lunch today. I'd wanted to have our Christmas meal on 20th and see a matinée, but Dave said we couldn't do both in one afternoon, so it had to be today. In fact, it rained quite hard and we had an excellent lunch in a restaurant called Chelsea, thus keeping dry.

We also did a bit of the obligatory walking about/shopping. Dave is 76 and slowing down a bit, whereas I walk like a hare. This must be annoying for both of us. I managed not to buy anything in the Christmas market, not even a glass of mulled wine, but I never leave Oxfam empty-handed.

After catching the bus home, I met up with Steve who took me to another meal at a country pub, to celebrate our friend C's 65th birthday! Lovely company, but remind me not to have any big meals tomorrow..

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