By dfb24

Holiday Abstract...

...The colors on the left are pretty obvious--when Jennie was born, a friend of mine knit this Christmas stocking for her. This is the back side, & the front side has a really cute Snowman on it--it's been put out every year since she was a baby!  The black is a little more difficult, but it's Mr. Scrooges' top hat. Mr. Scrooge is also a Christmas Stocking, and I bought it for Tom when we were dating. I used to call him "Mr. Scrooge" back then, because he was all "Bah Humbug" about the Holidays. Now we laugh every year when I hang it, & he's behaved himself enough each year that St. Nick can, in good conscience,  leave him some treats on St. Nicks' eve. , as he did last night!  :))

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