FlowerFriday07_2018 An alternative flower only...

I do have 'real' flowers for blipping but somehow never got round to it.  The day began early with our friendly repair man coming to sort out the tumble dryer, which, although working, was making a noise like a cat on a hot tin roof!   This led to my spending an hour or so clearing and cleaning the utility room before moving on to the chaos which was this morning  the room that Violet sleeps in.  She is spending tonight and tomorrow night with us, so there was bed changing, cleaning and tidying to be done before this evening.
Tomorrow is Mr MC's birthday, so I had to dash out for wrapping paper and an extra gift before going to fetch Violet from her after school childminder.  Once home Violet, who adores her ballet  classes, proceeded to give us a  presentation of her dance skills.  As she is hypermobile, that flexibility combined with increasing muscle strength is looking quite impressive.  More than that though, is her enthusiasm and I just love the look on her face as she goes through her routines.  Not the best quality pic with a moving 'target' in poor light but her expression is precious.
Apologies to BikerBear for taking liberties this week!

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