The light was stunning

... as we drove back from Sheffield yesterday but you can’t park easily at the side of the road and by the time we got into the Grenoside car-park and I’d un-packed my camera the light had gone.  Fortunately it did come back while I was still there among the trees but the wind was bitter and Ann had quickly returned to the warmth of the car.  I have to confess that I was pleased to get back out of the wind.  It was certainly several degrees warmer back at home but then it is not quite so exposed as   Grenoside which is the highest point around here.  

We’d been into Sheffield to exchange the bedding that I’d bought the last time I was there.   I’d got the size completely muddled.  In fact I’d had one of those days - the photos I took in the Art House for the printmakers weren’t sharp (well most of them weren’t).  I did manage a few Christmas light shots of the wheel that weren’t too bad and my purchases in John Lewis, well I completed messed up!  So we did get that sorted and I had the chance to show Ann a table that I’ve got my eye on for if we ever do manage to swop over our two rooms.  

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