Wreath Love

Got up a bit earlier than necessary in order to watch another Fortitude episode. It's OTT, far-fetched and a whole new level of sick and twisted! I am loving it! But there's only two episodes left! I really want to watch them but I don't want it to be over...

Then it was time to go catch the train to Metheringham. They collected me from the station and we went to Odlings, the lovely little village butchers' in Navenby. My Dad spent nearly £80 in there and they gave him a free packet of sausages! I just bought a packet of posh ginger biscuits.

Back, and lunch. I hadn't got anything so I ate a couple of my biscuits, and looked forward to eating and drinking my way round the Christmas market this afternoon! (At least that was the plan...) It wasn't too bad over there, and there was football on TV!

But then I got a migraine! I had no tablets with me as I'd forgotten to put some in the case in my bag. My Dad gave me one of his super strong ones and it took it off, making me tired and spaced out in the process. By now it was chucking down with rain also.

Brian fetched me home, and once within range of Wifi again I checked my messages. I had one which said I'd had a parcel left in my"garden" the previous day. I had not left instructions for them to do that, and there was no parcel there! So I'm not sure if it went somewhere else, or they did leave it out there and someone saw them and helped themselves! They should not have left it out there at all - the weather was bad, and it's not secure!

By the time I'd finished dealing with that and getting a refund, it was still lashing down and I felt really stressed! I saw photos on Facebook of the heaving crowds at the market, and decided to give it a miss for this year!

Brian has put up the front room tree, and I will do the back room one tomorrow. He has done a fantastic job of "his", and I have an image in my mind of what I want mine to be like...

He also had to go to Tesco for something else, and accidentally bought a new door wreath! He thought the old one went in the bin last year, but it had actually gone in the bin a couple of years ago and we got a replacement! The new one is a "real" one and only has a short lifespan. It is really pretty as you can see...I may add another couple of baubles! 

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