Everyday Life

By Julez

Cathedral Express

Today has been another quite busy day, but all good stuff. first thing was doing a quick Tesco shop to get food to take over to Jeri's. While I was in there I picked up a few Christmas tree decorations to go on the back room tree, as I wanted to decorate it in mostly white and silver. 

Once the shopping was safely away, we went out again to take photos of this steam train bringing passengers to visit the Christmas market. It doesn't have an actual name, but it was called the Cathedral Express for the occasion!

After lunch I got on with doing the tree - a job made much more challenging by Minstrel. So far, he's wrecked his Christmas stocking, chewed both trees and tried to steal any decoration that had feathers on! Today he has been more mischievous than he was as a kitten! Anyway, it is all done now - no thanks to him! I just hope he leaves it all intact.

After that, we went over to see Jeri and the family. All the boys are excited for Christmas! Jeri's friend Bex was there, she has just returned from a walking expedition in the Himalayas. It was fascinating to hear all about it, and see some of the footage she recorded on her phone. A real challenge! 

Now, Bri and I are going out for a drink in town at Thor's Tipi! I can't wait!!

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