By tondrijfhamer

De Dijk 50 times Oosterpoort

De Dijk in concert in the Oosterpoort, Groningen. The best Dutch band ever and our (Annemaries' en mine) yearly beacon. We are going to their concerts since we met back in 1999. Never skipped a concert.

They never fail to deliver, the moment they come on stage there's a buzz in the air that makes the audience go crazy, both young and old. They create a great atmosphere instantly.
This concert was their 50th in the Oosterpoort and that was commemorated throughout the night by Huub  (the lead singer).

For the past few years we always got a seat more in the back of the venue, but this time we were standing front row. Perfect! Actually it was the exact same spot we were on October 31.
They came on around 21.15 and played until 23.45.
I hope to see them again next year, same time, same place.

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