a lifetime burning

By Sheol

Winter sunset reflections

Only just 3:30pm and the sun is well on its way to setting.  The days  continue to get shorter and the nights longer.  I suspect that my general dislike for winter is connected with a need for those rays of sunshine.  I always feel a lot healthier between April and October.

I'm rather pleased that we are not living in the arctic circle where I would have been dreading the disappearance of the sun and the arrival of the dark.  Michelle Paver's ghost story "Dark Matter" rather put me off the 24 hour night idea ....   ;-)

I managed to locate my lost mojo today, in this most unusual of places a nearby cemetery.   It's actually the cemetery that Mum was cremated in back in 2007, although her ashes are buried elsewhere.  It was strangely therapeutic to wander through the gravestones remembering Mum in the showery weather this afternoon as the sun headed towards sunset.  

Something that I've only started to notice recently,  and it rather startled me the first time that I thought it through, is that at nearly 59 there are quite a few people in the cemetery who were younger than me when they "fell asleep", as one headstone that I saw today put it.  The importance of making the most of the journey should not be underestimated.


1.   Following comments from Cathy -  just in case you are wondering, the camera is perfectly level for this shot.  The water is a quite deep pool that has formed in a dip in the road, the water is blocking the road that runs up hill to the right.  This, and the slight lean of the tree that is being reflected cause the eye to think that the horizon is wrong.  I did think about artificially correcting this in post processing but couldn’t face all the messing about that this would entail.)

2.  I did wonder, but I don't think that we have a weary looking Jeremy Corbin plodding up the incline here - but what do I know - he wouldn't comment either way   ;-)

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