By mindful_life

Flower Friday - beautiful Lily

Today, I took a photo of one of the lilies in the bouquet my husband sent to me at work on Tuesday. They are still going strong and are very beautiful. 

Today I had busy Friday at work, as usual, and problems with banking caused us issues! However we were allowed to leave work at 4pm to get ready for our annual Christmas Party, which was really lovely! The venue was in the Steam Railway Museum and was very beautiful The food was good, and the music was great and the company was also really wonderful! I saw some old colleagues that I used to work with before I left 11 years ago so that was wonderful

Today's inspiration from my book is as follows:

"I will know peace when I organise my mind and my life according to the truth.... Until today you may have lost sight of the one truth that will give you peace of mind and the strength you need to move through life peacefully.... Today I am devoted to living the one and only truth about myself and my life."

This is quite interesting today - the truth and organising. Sometimes we can carry on and not face up to the way we are feeling about things. I have been struggling a lot lately with my hectic schedule and at times seem to be completely overwhelmed with everything. I used to thrive on being busy but for some reason lately it gets too much.  A friend of mine recommended to me writing everything down that needs to be done and following the advice, have found that it really does help.  I have also told my husband, who at first wasn't very understanding but having told him several more times things have got better.  I have given him some of the tasks to take responsibility for so there is less on me and I hope over time this makes a difference!

Happy flower Friday!

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