Home & Away

By HeidiAndDolly


I flew back to the US today. Back to Washington. I often try to get my blip as I’m rushing through the airport, but this morning I ran some errands before getting ready for work. One of the errands was to go to the egg farm. In addition to all the chickens, they have ducks, geese, a couple of rare breed pigs, some goats and a large herd of reindeer!

This time of year the reindeer are very busy (of course!) so I wasn’t surprised when I didn’t see any when I first got there. Rudolph definitely wasn’t there. But then I saw this guy peering at me through the fence. The name tag on his collar told me his name is Flash. He seemed eager to say hello. Then I saw a couple more in another section, but the main herd were definitely on some other important seasonal errand! See extra photo for some of the other egg farm creatures!

(I later found out why Rudolph wasn’t there! My friend Alice in Sweden met him today!)

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