This morning while I was sitting in my conservatory this beautiful cat came and sat nearby and looked out over the lawn for the longest time. Then she turned and looked straight at me and we stared each other down (I won!). I quite like being visited by cats, though Dolly never approved and would give them a good telling off and would be out chasing them away if the door was open. Who’s going to protect me from the cats now?

Not a great picture taken through the window and using the zoom on the phone, but it’s just about all I got today!

I went back to the Orthopaedic Consultant this afternoon to get the results of my MRI. It seems that my fall didn’t cause a torn tendon or a Baker’s Cyst after all, which is good news, but I do have plenty of extra fluid around my knee area which is enough to cause the discomfort, stiffness and lack of mobility with bending. The inflammation is also affecting my surrounding muscles, especially the top of my calf. Thankfully it doesn’t look as if any more serious or long term damage has been done but he did say that my knee has got into a cycle it can’t get out of. And so I am going back next week for a cortisone injection. Hopefully one shot will help it to heal without the need for any subsequent ones. I’m to continue physical therapy and knee strengthening exercises with the hopes of going back to work in the next few weeks. So I’m feeling like there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.

Any advice or words of wisdom on cortisone injections? Hopefully people have had positive experiences, not negative?

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