A Christmas Carol

Through a wine glass darkly…

Eating in the Macrobert Arts centre before a performance of A Christmas Carol in Cinema Live starring Simon Callow who gave an astonishing solo performance in this classic Dickens tale.
In yesterday’s Blipfoto I asked: “What is your therapy?”
Mine are: gardening, yoga, swimming and walking.
 Delighted to see such a varied response from Blippers with most agreeing that being out of doors and gardening must come top of the list.
Anitsirk    (Sweden) “ …walking in nature with camera in hand”
Charlie17 (Scotland) “…folk/rockmusic and wine”
Misswinterfinch (America) “… Blipping is my daily therapy.”
60Plus (England) “…Sport”
CaliforniaGirl1 (America)  “. I agree as well”
John Edward (America) “ playing tunes on musical instruments (acoustic of course)”
Laurie54 (America) “ my therapy is, well therapy.:-)
Tremum (England) “ gardening...certainly being outside. Mindfulness is my husband’s thing – he runs a free class every week and is a published author on the subject”.
Alan_Rodger  (Scotland) “ very true”.
FotoPlay (Canada) “ gardening, even for a short time. The anxiety level of children these days is worrisome. Mindfulness exercises and meditation are being introduced in schools here.”
Crispin25 (England)  “ I’ve spent five minutes thinking about it. I don’t have an answer.”


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