By chantler63

The Christmas Play

This afternoon I attended the dress rehearsal of a school production in which my granddaughter, Sophie, was performing. I have every sympathy with the staff as they had 120 children all involved in the performance of 'Hoodwinked' based loosely on the mythical tale of Robin Hood.  It was done very well considering space, time and resources available.

I did, of course, have the camera with me and took shots throughout from the back of the hall - cross with myself though for not taking the 'big' lens.  Light levels were not good so I had to use high ISO and I was very pleased with how the camera performed in these conditions as I couldn't let the shutter speed get too low or have too narrow an aperture.

Sophie, on the left, is singing lustily and I was impressed with her acting capabilities as she was thoroughly involved throughout.

Camera Club this evening with us hosting Round 2 of the Rosebowl competition - open to any club in the Chiltern Association of Camera Clubs.  In this round we were against three other clubs and came out top, even though there is no advantage in being the home team. One of my images scored 20 and also gained a Judge's star!  I was very pleased with this.

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