The accidental finding

By woodpeckers

Stained glass pillars?

A day or two halves. First, to Gloucester on a delayed train, and walking to the cathedral along the Via Sacra, seeing the sun break out over the eastern end of the building, with the scaffolding finally removed and the stonework cleaned.

The friends of the museum in Stroud had arranged a talk for us in the historic Parliament Suite, about Project Pilgrim, which encompasses the renovation, outreach and 'welcoming' work of the cathedral. Then we had a brief tour of the cathedral itself (the renovations are stunning) and the outside area. Trevor from the WEA took me back inside to see the memorial.plaque to Albert Mansbridge, founder of the Workers' Educational Association. He was a Gloucester man. When I came back out, the group had dispersed, so I went round some charity shops and then caught the train back to Stroud, where I went round some more charity shops and had a solo coffee in Curio, which is rapidly turning into my new home.

The 'second half' of the day really refers to the weather. Whereas Gloucester was sunny and pleasant, in Stroud the skies were grey and ominous. A chill north-easterly was blowing. I only had one child to walk back from school, so our walk back was easy. I have to say that being an after school childminder to three children is very different from being a nanny to a baby, or working in nursery. There are many more variables such as clubs, appointments, sickness...slightly more like being an actual parent, I suppose. Respect to all parents! The one child and I managed to watch a horsey programme on Netflix before the other two children were delivered to us. Then we made fajitas. Mmm.

Then I walked home in the dark on the biting wind and put the bins out. If it's going to snow, bring it on! I have three DVDs to watch, and TWO whole days free!

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