By davidc

Wide Wednesday - "Old as the Hills"

Bobsblips's Widwed theme for this week is "Something Old" (thanks Bob). I decided against a selfie!!

The day started with a leisurely breakfast with John Gravett, who stayed with us overnight after his superb talk at our camera club last night. After he left, we set off to drive to Macclesfield for a couple of days to visit Mum-in-Law. This somewhat limited my blippertunities, but I found a spot to park for a few minutes en route, near the junction where you turn off Woodhead pass to take the road to Glossop. My Editor had suggested that "Old as the Hills" would fit the Widwed theme, so I hope these (admittedly modest) hills will suffice.

To prove that I was listening during John's talk(!) I've done my best to make the shape of one of the trees fit into the shape of the hill behind, as shown in the thumbnail and to which the lead-in lines direct the eye - with as much "recession" of the layers of hills as possible. I'd have liked to be able to park the car where there were bigger hills to photograph, but one has to take the opportunities which present themselves...!

A monochrome seemed to suit the scene best. It's best viewed large against black.

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