By HeidiHH


This is from my garden. My Christmas cactus is right on time. I thought it would blossom too soon, but as the nights are colder, it's slower process outside.

As you can see we got some rain today. Twice! And looks like it's gonna rain all through the night too!

So today I made dye and did three sets of colors. I started with navy blue. Then I added black and made hopefully black or very dark grey. And then medium and lighter grey. I can't wait to see what it will look after washing and drying.

And tomorrow is gonna be an excellent day for drying laundry. We have orange alert for wind. It's gonna be stormy tonight, but tomorrow it'll only be very windy, so hopefully I get all three sets of laundry dry tomorrow. But I'm not looking forward the ironing part. That's gonna take hours! 

I also made some Christmas gift bags for some jewellery:

And I made chocolate cake to eat with ice cream. And it was GOOD!

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