By LadyFindhorn

A Cold and Frosty Morning

A more positive day of late for me, the sole occupant of the now very aptly named ‘Dower House’, starting with this lovely view of the sunrise over the Meadows on an extremely cold and frosty morning.

I had my birthday health MOT with the practice nurse this morning. There was a little blood letting, a little blood pressure taking and a little weighing. It seems I might make it through the year with what she said was the BP of a teenager and a body mass bang in the middle of the range.
If only it were that certain. I know now from experience that no matter how fit you are or how young you feel, anything can go awry at any time without warning.
Still it was with a wee hop, skip and a jump that I met a friend for a restorative chat this afternoon. There is no doubt that friends are so important in times of need.

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