By ArcLight

Room in use

This room used to be a raked lecture theatre with unbelievably hard and uncomfortable (and small) wooden benches. I didn't mind lecturing in there, which I did every autumn semester for the first few years I was in Edinburgh, twice a week at 9am. But if I ever went to a lecture, e.g. by a visiting speaker, I would always sit on one of the random chairs at the front of the lecture theatre in front of the wooden benches. Now it's a huge open space, which will normally be used for teaching (I think it will take classes of around 100). But as it is double height, it makes for a very impressive space, which was well used by my colleagues this afternoon for a welcome home reception, with just the one speech by the head of school.

Other than that, a fairly ordinary Monday, although I did make a sneaky visit to the gym, continuing to get my value for money from the £12/12days card. I may suffer for it tomorrow, though, as in addition to chucking some weights around I did slip over on an icy road on the way back. It was treacherous out there today.

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