A view from Jeanneb

By Jeanneb53

New decoration

Not sure this really is a bauble but I am using it as a tree decoration.
It is a piece of Latvian glass that we bought in Riga in October. It came with the string attached so was meant for hanging. Red and white are the colours of Latvia and as they were coming up to their Centenary celebration in November there were lots of things sporting these colours.
I got this in one of the lovely wool and craft shops we found there.

You can just see the felt balls I have made into a tree decoration in the top left corner of my blip. (Closer in the extra)
They were given to me by a man in the Artisanat in Marrakesh.
I love getting these things out and remembering where we bought them and also looking at the older things that go back to my children's childhood Christmases.
On the top right is a small elf made by one of my children (probably Grace) in Sunday school. His head comes off but we replace it every year and sit him on a branch.

Foul morning. Had to go to the Potting Shed at the nearby garden centre so we had a coffee. Off to the optician soon and Chris is doing a wedding rehearsal. We're then going to Ilkey for a bit of food shopping in M&S before going to the cinema there, so posting early.
Not a day to be outside!

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