Later than expected

Where has the day gone?

Spent the morning going through the Christmas holiday menus and making the shopping list. Took ages, though I'm not sure quite why.

And then did the shopping. I know it's a bit previous but I can't face the thought of great tides of humanity food shopping later in the week. So whilst they were elsewhere present shopping I wandered round a relatively quiet supermarket and even had a choice of checkouts to go through. The garage with cheap petrol also had a few bays free at 6:00 which is usually unheard of, so now the car is also full up. I think I'm now overly ahead of myself. Plenty to crack on with still.

Blip taken on my way home through the usual muddy puddles and intermittent rain. The moon had a halo which isn't visible here (mobile phone blipping has it's disadvantages!).

Now to finally do the Christmas tree and tart the garland up.

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