Zoo Lights 2018

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Every year the Reid Park Zoo in Tucson lights up for this family-friendly event.  Many animal figures are outlined in colorful lights as are the trees, fences, bridges and just about everything else. I thought I'd make a collage out of some of my favorite shots.  I don't know how tall that palm tree was but it was the first thing I saw when I passed through the gate...and it was enormous.  I went with a few people from the Singles Club.  There were s'mores, hot chocolate (with added spirits available), popcorn and a couple other things. I bought a bottle of a super (and I mean super) hot lime spice.  The guy whose name was Wayne has his own line of secret spice recipes, almost all of which were a notch on the heat scale.  We had a blast.  I think the most fun thing of all was watching the kids.  I put one photo in the collage and several in the extras.  I didn't do anything to process those because of time.  There were some boys playing the Zoo marimbas, a school group singing and several kids climbing on a huge stone alligator.  What I didn't catch in that shot was the little girl on the bottom right give the alligator a kiss on the nose.

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