A view from Jeanneb

By Jeanneb53

Darling buds on the shortest day.

A thoroughly miserable grey and damp winter solstice, until that last half hour when the sky has brightened briefly before it starts getting dark.

I had a look around the garden hoping there may be signs of life on the Hamamelis. This tiny bud on the yellow one is all that can be seen so it's for Flower Friday before Christmas. It's usually the red one that comes into flower first. Hope the red isn't on its way out.

The other flowers looking good are the winter heathers, may blip those another time. Never got around to getting a Pointsettia this year and as we are going away I haven't bought any flowers for the house.

Spent the morning making stuffing balls. Some for our weekend meal with our son and some to freeze to take to Bristol at Grace's request.

Good to think of the days lengthening from now on, though it will be a while before we notice I think.

Have a lovely pre Christmas weekend everyone.

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