A view from Jeanneb

By Jeanneb53

4 days to go!

Not sure if it is the winter solstice* or not today it seems to vary from year to year but I do know that there are only four more windows to open on my advent calendar before it is Christmas.
In my collage you can see a selection of what lies behind the windows I’ve already opened, mainly wildlife with a few traditional Christmas items. I’ve really enjoyed opening it. Think I might put it away to use again next year.
Whether or not it is the shortest day it has been very mild and it felt quite spring like when we walked around the corner to a friend’s baby shower this afternoon. She is a very good friend of my daughter Grace and Chris’s goddaughter but unfortunately Grace couldn’t be up here this weekend. It was very nice to be invited and to catch up with some of Grace’s, contemporaries and their little ones. Many thanks to those who catered so splendidly.
An evening in now, we are expecting our son later for supper which will be nice as,even though he only lives in the village. I don’t seem to have seen him for a week or two.
Need a rest, busy day tomorrow!
(Greater definition in large)
* Chris has looked up and thinks it is tomorrow but not in the US where it is today!

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