Daily Tales

By PamelaJ

The thirsty cat

Soft Cell spends a lot of time sitting on the kitchen  sink waiting for the tap to be turned on. If there are any glasses in the sink he licks them to get the water. Not very hygenic.

We have now given Soft Cell his own glass, labelled with his name so that no one drinks out of it in error.  It stays in the empty sink filled to the top with fresh cold water. That way, Soft Cell has water literally on tap during the day.

As its winter solstice tonight and here in the UK is at 22.23pm. I have just gone into he garden to look at the stars and moon. Unfortunately there is low cloud and nothing could be seen. I have, instead, blipped the glass room from the garden at precisely 22.23pm to celebrate this event.
See extra.

Are we mad? Or just being kind to our  dear old cat who has probable kidney problems.

Just in case they feel left out I've added a collage of Juliette and Smudge in their nightly positions waiting for a lap.  They are out of luck tonight as ian has gone to a black tie event in London and I am busy wrapping presents etc

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