Quarry Bank

It's been a day of mills for us. We had intended to have a walk on Alderley Edge today but although it wasn't very rainy it was distinctly misty, very low cloud I suppose so that idea didn't seem beneficial. We went to Macclesfield to the Silk Museum and had a tour of Paradise Mill which I found very interesting, particularly the aspect of the jacquard processes with its punched card patterns which were the precursor of digital technology.

After this we decided to move on to Quarry Bank which is a mill preserved by the National Trust and we thought that would make a good lunch stop.
The interpretation focusses a great deal on the injustices of the industrial era. Slavery, child labour, inequality of pay between men and women and the hazardous conditions that they worked in.

My blip is one of the machines that the cotton goes through before weaving. I just loved the way the light catches the threads as they go from their bobbins to the machine.

We had a meal at the hotel yesterday evening and were surprised the chef seemed to be a fan of 'nouvelle cuisine'. My meal was delicious but so small that I opted for Christmas pudding to follow. There was very little of that on a very large plate. Tonight we decided to eat out and found a good pub in Prestbury where we got a much more satisfactory meal.

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